24 July 2014

Paid Position - Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator
Casual 12 hours per week

Applications for this position have now closed
Thank you

19 July 2014

Help Needed - Soup and Film Night

We're very excited to continue what's now become a local winter tradition: a Sunday evening soup and film evening.

SUNDAY AUGUST 3 - Excelsior Hall (behind the library in Thirroul) 

This year, we're partnering again with the Thirroul Community Gardeners, who once again have grown some delicious pumpkins and herbs that will be finding their way into delicious soups. And this year we're joined by the Thirroul Neighborhood Centre, who do wonderful work in our local community.

We need lots of help to make the evening a success, please let us know how you can help before and on the night!

Contact us at flametreecoop@gmail.com, or contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator Mariel, or sign up at the store! If you can help out, please let us know what tasks you are able to do. Our co-ordinator Emily will be in touch to let you know what tasks you've been allocated and how to go about them!

What help do we need?

Before the night:
PRIZES - can you donate a prize that can be auctioned, and/ or for a lucky door prize?
SOUP MAKERS - we need a team of people to make soup at home.
LARGE POTS - can you loan a large pot to our soup makers?
CAKE STALL CO-ORDINATOR- we need a volunteer to co-ordinate the cake stall
CAKE MAKERS - we need volunteers who can bake cakes, muffins, cookies for desserts

SPREAD THE WORD - dowload a flyer here, or pick some up at the co-op, and spread the word at your workplace, your study place, your favorite coffee shop, your local haunts! Here's a web-friendly version here, if you prefer to email it or post it on your blog!

On the day/ evening:

Please let us know how you can help. It's always a fun evening, bring a friend, bring your family and join us for some co-operative work and fun! 

Co-Operative Businesses

Timely indeed!

At our upcoming Soup and Film Night, you'll get a chance to see the inspiring movie 
SHIFT CHANGE: Putting Democracy to work.
This movie documents worker-owned cooperative businesses in Spain and in the USA.
Read more about the movie here: http://shiftchange.org/about/ 

And just today, ABC Radio National had a short segment about co-operatives on its "Saturday Extra" program. Listen to the segment here, or download the transcript:

Co-operation is the way! This event will be brought to you by the combined efforts of Thirroul Community Garden, Thirroul Neighborhood Centre and Flame Tree Community Food Co-operative.

We need lots of willing hands to help before and on the night, so if you can help out in any way, please contact us here: flametreecoop@gmail.com.

Download a flyer here, help spread the word, and see you on August 3 at Excelsior Hall!

11 April 2014


Have you tried freekeh? It's a product made from green grain, usually wheat. Flame Tree now stocks cracked freekeh, grown in South Australia. Our freekeh is made from durum wheat. Freekeh has a lower GI than ripe wheat, and has higher quanties of nutrients. 
Read more about freeka by clicking this link.
I made some freekeh vegetable loaves recently - vegan and delicious, with absolutely everything sourced from the Flame Tree Coop, the Thirroul Community Garden, or my own back yard. I cooked the freekeh as per rice (absorption method) then added whatever I had gathered from the co-op or gardens -grated onion, garlic, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, and some herbs rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme and parsley. Some fresh chilli, a little besan flour (chickpea flour) to bind it. Then grease a couple of loaf pans, line them with pumpkin seeds and press the mixture in. Cover with more pumpkin seeds. Bake in a moderate oven til done. Slice and serve with garlic mash. And great for freezing too. Look online for more inspirational freekeh recipes - or if you have a good one to share, please send it on in.

10 April 2014

April Trading Hours 2014

In April, the co-op will trade on the usual days, with the following exceptions:

Good Friday April 18 CLOSED.
Anzac Day April 25 CLOSED.

Note that the co-op will be open as usual on Saturday of the Easter holiday April 19 10 am - 4 pm.

Happy April!


We're really excited to stock Dwipa Kitchen's locally made tempeh! Made right here in the Illawarra, using Flame Tree's biodynamic soybeans. Next time you're in the store, try it out. You won't see the tempeh in the fridge in the shop, we stock it frozen, as required by health regulators. So be sure to ask the volunteer on duty to get you some from the freezer. It's delicious, organic, and local! For more information about Dwipa Kitchen, see their website http://www.dwipakitchen.com/

And just one more thing:
Dwipa's tempeh is made using traditional fermentation processes. As the weather cools, fermentation will slow and the product's availability will decrease. So snap some up now while it's still available!

09 December 2013

Events - Join the Party People!

It’s been a HUGE year for Flame Tree, and we’ve been involved in numerous community events, most of them managed and arranged by the wonderful Nadia Szimhart, our retiring Events Co-ordinator. Nadia, along with Kazie Bent and other helpers (Cath Blakey!, Cherry Hardaker! Jane Caldwell!, Luke Murphy!) managed to arrange an impressive array of events and stalls this year:
THANK YOU Nadia! THANK YOU Kazie!, Thankyou Luke, Cath, Cherry, Jane, Lizzie, Vanessa and all the other volunteers who’ve helped promote our co-op.
We had a beautiful celebration for the entire evening of Earth Hour, and Tea Tasting at the store during the Thirroul Seaside Festival. We had a lovely Volunteers Picnic at the beautiful Thirroul Railway Institute hall. And we hosted 60 people from Wollongong Council for a workshop (including an introduction to the co-op, and making raw love balls, and tea tasting).
We had a stall at the Botanic Gardens’ Our Backyard festival, at the Illawarra Flame Solar House’s Innovations Campus open day, and many other community events.
Participating in these events helps raise our profile, and get the message out to the wider community about our aims and values. And it’s FUN!

CAN YOU HELP? Do you like a party? We need a new Events Coordinator and / or Committee. Can you spare some time occasionally to manage our presence at these events? Would you like to come along and staff a stall, or help out at events at the store?

Mostly, these events happen on weekends, so if you’re stuck at home or in an office during the week, here’s your chance to get our and meet our community, and have fun while helping the co-op. It’s a really fun way to earn volunteer credits.
Contact us here if you can help.